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Professional Life Coach in Durham, NC

Danny Glover is a speaker, trainer, and life coach in Durham, NC, who is committed to your success! Whether you are looking for better relationship dynamics, leadership development, or church consulting, Danny can help you accomplish your goals.

Leadership Development

Danny has worked successfully with individuals, small businesses, large corporations, civic groups, and churches. As a certified speaker, trainer, and life coach with the John Maxwell Team, Danny Glover can deliver on a variety of subjects through keynote speaking, lunch and learns mastermind groups, and leadership coaching. All of these programs are designed and proven to help you be a better leader.

Personal Growth

Interested in strengthening your relationships in the workplace, at church, or even at home? We offer personal growth services for your business, school, government organization, a non-profit organization, church, or civic group.

Private and Group Training

Using material from Personality Insights, Inc., and other resources, we provide assessments and training that will help you discover your strengths, realize your motivations, and learn how to communicate effectively with others. As a certified speaker, trainer, and life coach, Danny Glover can deliver a variety of training, all designed to help you understand yourself and others to build better teams, increase productivity, improve cooperation, and reduce stress.

Training topics include:

  • Discover How to Understand Yourself and Others
  • Making Sense of Your People Puzzles
  • Teams at Work
  • How Different Personalities View Time

Coach Sylvia Hatchell Reflects on a History of Growth With Glover Consulting

Professional Life Coach Durham, NC

As head coach of the women's basketball team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sylvia Hatchell doesn't do much without a playbook. When she wants her team to take the lead both on and off the court, she relies on personality assessments and strategic training and coaching from Glover Consulting Services.

Danny Glover, president and CEO of Glover Consulting, introduced Hatchell to Personality Insights in the early '90s, just a few years after her arrival at UNC. The strengths assessment helped Hatchell see immediate improvements in what would become her first national championship team.

"You have to know a person's personality and how to connect with them about problems," Hatchell says. "When things get tough and tight, you need to know how to deal with them."

Personality Insights offers various personal growth and leadership development tools guaranteed to help people better understand and work with one another. The strategy is based on the Personality Assessment that identifies primary traits and blends and combinations of personalities with the staff and players.

Glover Consulting uses these tools and more to train individuals and groups to be influential and effective.

"Our services help empower leaders," Glover says. "Our goal is to help people understand themselves and others, to build better relationships and be more successful in every area of life."

Moreover, Sylvia Hatchell is no stranger to success. Inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2004, Hatchell has learned a thing or two about teambuilding.

"These tools really identify the right buttons to push as you have problems, of which so many of ours are under pressured situations, and how to deal with them and with the stress," Hatchell says.

"You can spend a lot of time communicating," she adds, "but if it's not in the right way, you're wasting your time."

Visit our Personality Reports page to browse education resources and personality assessments for all ages.

Through Personality Insights, Danny offers a free relationship course and a complementary personality quiz that will help you better understand and communicate with people in your workplace, church, or home.

Church Consulting

Danny Glover founded GCS in 2006 in order to help people be successful in every facet of life. As a person of faith with a strong church background, he has a passion for assisting Christian ministries in raising the leaders and the finances needed to excel. As a seasoned professional in church consulting, team coaching, and project management, Danny has guided hundreds of churches to clarify the vision, develop the leaders, and raise the dollars that are essential to sustaining ministry growth.

Does your church need help to decipher the path to success?

GCS offers a full range of stewardship and leadership consulting services designed especially for churches that want to experience growth.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision Clarification and Communication
  • Leadership Workshops and Seminars
  • Annual Stewardship Development
  • Capital Stewardship (Expansion, Debt Reduction, Relocation, Etc.)

We'll design a personalized package of Bible-based, Christ-centered services that celebrate your church's unique values. We'll work with any church, no matter what size or background or geographical location.

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