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Consulting Services in Durham, NC, from a Veteran Life Coach

The ability to lead and work well with others are some of the most vital skills for any career path. Having someone like Danny R. Glover to mentor you can empower you to go after your goals and motivate your team. Danny is a coach, speaker, trainer, author, and the founder and owner of Glover Consulting Services. His coaching programs and consulting services in Durham, NC, help clients advance their careers and improve their lives.

Danny brings years of professional and entrepreneurial experience to the areas of personal and professional development coaching. He has helped hundreds of individuals, businesses, churches, and other nonprofits both in the USA and internationally to improve themselves. His speaker consulting services also offer a personalized, one-on-one, small group experience for those ready to take big steps forward in their lives. Get in touch today for a free 30-minute session.


Award: Challenge Coin of the 3D Infantry Regiment, Ft. Myer, VA - 2016, as a Token of Appreciation

John Maxwell Team Certified Member            Challenge Coin 1            Challenge Coin 2

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Danny's Mission

Glover Consulting Services exists to empower, encourage, and equip individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. Danny’s personal growth and leadership development are encouraging, empowering, and designed to arm people with the skills they need to grow and lead, both for themselves and others. His credentials include being an award-winning Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team, which is the personal growth and leadership development program of best-selling author John C. Maxwell.

His services cover personality reports with unique feedback. He can also design a Bible-based personalized package for churches and Christian ministries. Let Danny know what you’re hoping to achieve through his work, and he can help make it happen. Both his in-person visits and his online program, “Maximizing Your Potential: S.T.E.P.S. for Living the Life You Desire,” help you transform your life and realize your dreams. Previous clients of his personality consulting services include:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • NCAA Women’s Basketball Coaches Convention
  • UNC Women’s Basketball
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina

Contact us to learn more. Danny is based in Durham, North Carolina, and is available to bring his message from the Eastern Seaboard to the Mississippi River.

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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The Eastern Seaboard to the Mississippi River


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